Thursday, November 5, 2009

something we already knew

It's pretty much common knowledge that people are slipping away from religion (at a pretty high rate), yet I thought I'd share this link because it's a cool interactive flash file that shows the decrease in religious affiliations around the world, aside from Muslim faith.

One Nation Under God

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Larry David p!sses off Christians by p!ssing on Christ

Larry David has created quite a little firestorm that seems to be growing into a wildfire. It seems there are some people who are p!ssed that his character on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm p!ssed, albeit accidentally, on a picture of Jesus Christ.

In the episode, Larry accidentally splashes a picture of Jesus when he is urinating at someone's house. For whatever reason, though Larry noticed the sprinkle on the face of the Jesus, he didn't wipe it away.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

High court to decide if war memorial violates Constitution

You can read the article by clicking the link below.  Long story short, I think they should respect the wishes of other vets that wish to have other religious symbols at the memorial, or simply remove all religious affiliation at all.

CIMA, California
Driving along a pockmarked road amid rocks and Joshua trees in a lonely southern California desert, religious controversy might be the last thing you'd expect to encounter.

And if you don't look too closely, you're likely to zip right past the focus of a hotly contested Supreme Court battle.

A federal judge has ordered the Mojave Cross, a war memorial erected by a veterans group 75 years ago, to be covered. It's boxed in plywood.

full article here

Saturday, October 3, 2009

good messages i use from the bible

Hey it's Dan... 

 I wanted to avoid having my own mission statement with this web page, because I intend for it to basically just be god definitions. However, it obviously starts off strongly sarcastic and appears one-sided.
     As an agnostic, I don't have answers and therefore cannot take any side, which is great!  But in order not to seem ENTIRELY FUCKING IGNORANT etc, I want to make a couple comments on this-- 
     The reason we started the page is because kev and i think making fun of god is hilarious.  It is such a wild concept, god!  Yet it's EVERYWHERE!  Yikes!  We are also tired of greed and abuse, war, other bad shit in this world and want to make a statement about it.  Why don't more people do it, laugh at God, and not mock, restrict, and judge each other?  If there is anyone it should be safe to laugh at, it is the presence, and/or absence of god.  Conveniently my name, Daniel means "god is my judge," which frees my soul a bit, because I realize a lot of what people do when they "Believe" in "God" is "Judge Their Neighbor" (or worse.) Also, defining god: It's just something to fucking think about while driving, or better yet BIKING.   
     To me, it seems a Good Old Laugh At The Almighty could unite living creatures, rather than be an object of argument, rules, deception, a way of gathering money or justifying riches , enacting rituals, judging lifestyles, fuel for violence, prototype of power structure, a living dream world,  etc.  The planet is fucked and full of assholes.  It's fucking true, this world sucks.  I'm having fun though.
   I grew up in the Episcopal Church.  It helped me be a better musician.  It gave me insight into what is hilarious about church.  But Episcopals are generally open minded, god fucking bless them.
IN CONCLUSION, this is all that I need of the bible.  Three wonderful sayings that help me.  NUMBER ONE:  A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath.  (This was above a friend's toilet on a little sign, from Psalms. NUMBER TWO: Love thy neighbor as thyself.  (No shit, the golden fucking rule--manually stimulate your neighbor.  NUMBER THREE: Turn the other cheek.  Which is kinda the same as the first one, come to think of it? 

So, I made this strange-ass website cause I think it's really funny, and some of the stuff needs to be said, like how people use god (or the idea of god) to their advantage, and how people could maybe consider light-ning up about god just a fucking little bit, and be kind hearted, or at least not cruel. And maybe use their imaginations a little, rather than being SO FUCKING LITERAL.  We are all playing with ideas.  Say what you will.

Now has become more a collecting and reflecting pond for anything anyone wants to say about what god is (or isn't).  As we move well into the thousands of definitions, it is starting to feel more balanced between believers and sane folks.  It's art, it's a creative experiment.  It is my gift of love, really fucked up love, to the universe.

Thanks for reading this dumb shit and OF COURSE i realize i think about God too much, it's fun, like any hobby!  However, if I say I don't know anything about God, and spend a lot of time thinking about that, it still doesn't mean he exists to me!  Sorry, he's not with me now.  Shrugs.  I must dwell in the land of observation, and am satisfied with questions.  I am happy finding my way alone in this interesting world, which would be a mystery and a miracle -and also despicable -no matter how it came into being.   

Take a joke!  God does!  Help a human!  God doesn't! 


My own short piece

Go ahead raise arms God fearer, and leave me stubbornly creating and accepting and calling out greed while you curse me with your hierarchy and inequality.  God is the safest thing to mock, we can laugh together.  I hearby swear by imagination humor and real love.  The lack thereof God alone knows my heart, so Fuck you.  Dan

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Define God in your own words.

Well we'd love to have you fill out a form on the God-defined website, but it would also be cool to see if we can rile up some emotions on here with banter.  Who wants to get it started?  No matter what you think, what does the concept of God mean to you?